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About Market Pilot

Market Pilot Founder and Principal

Darren Matheny

Growth Hacker, Marketer, Software Founder/CEO

Darren Matheny is the founder of Market Pilot, helping businesses leverage paid traffic, advanced targeting, content and email to increase revenue.  Darren founded Docudesk, a document software company, in 2003 and quickly bootstrapped it to multiple millions in revenue.  In addition to desktop software he was also involved in scaling a new SaaS application to over 750,000 users in just over a year.  That application was sold and has since grown to over 90 million users.  Darren’s current focus is on applying digital marketing marketing strategies to help businesses grow and scale.

  • Tens of millions in profitable paid traffic ad buys
  • Launched first e-commerce business on the web back in 1996
  • Involved in building multiple 7-figure eCommerce businesses
  • Bootstrapped multi-million dollar software company in 36 months
  • Architected multiple six and seven-figure email promotions and product launches
  • Launched SaaS app PDFzen, growth strategy acquired over 700,000 users in a year
  • Sold PDFzen in 2014, now branded DocHub with over 92 million users as of 2023
  • Sold Docudesk to competitor in 2016
  • Investor and advisor in multiple software and eCommerce ventures
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